Updated: Jun 14, 2020

This is it! This is the beginning of a new chapter…..OK OK, maybe not the beginning ( I started chapter four some years back.) This is the moment in the story when the plot twist kicks in.

This is my new dawn. The one where I decide to hold my breath and plunge headfirst into documenting and Sharing my creative life with total strangers. Gone is the fear of Trump trolling me or Jeff Bezos spying-he is going to do that no matter what! Amazon (cough!). Times have change 1000-fold for all of us, we have walked, run, been pushed, stumbled, have been backed up against a wall into Navigating through our challenges. When the decade turned who the hell knew it would turn into this!

So, What is my contribution?

“Welcome to my blog Come in, look around sit down with me have a mug of anything you fancy and let us talk all things creative. Do you like the sound of Knitting needles busy at work? The satisfaction of a completed #Crochet square? Or do you- like me have a stash of yarn that you know will take you a rather long time to get through? well, welcome home to the family and to be honest if you don't, you are still part of the family blah blah blah!

Err stop! Why the hell does the world need another blog? I hear you ask. What makes your blog any different to all the other blogs that are out there? The truth is not much. I can sell you a great big sparkling story about how amazing I am and all the amazing holidays I go on and the quaint people of further lands that I meet whom have helped me find myself, I can take amazing pictures and fill my blog with mind-blowing content but the truth is my life Is not a huge company ad! I am not selling a dream. I am a mum of one who never takes flash last minute holidays. I am a Londoner born and raised and I spend my days (when not at work) crocheting, painting and generally creating things. I am one of what I like to call the tick the box if it applies artists or a ‘hobbying’ creative-yeah. I just made up a word! (hehe) you know who you are, the ones who have dormant creative diplomas or degrees. Who end up working in fields or positions so far away from what they originally studied or planned to do.

I am here because I have decided to free fall into documenting and sharing my creative life. I experienced a light bulb moment and a push that turn into a massive shove. I had the late-night discussion that bled into the early morning. I had that conversation about the merits of being creative, having the vision to make objects, sounds and write. I had that conversation about how creativity can capture people and hold them AND in equal measures repulse them. I had that conversation where I spoke of what creativity means to me. What it means to be a black woman an artist and creator? Then the question was asked. What are your creative talents and Where did I want my creative talents to take me? Because, they could stay with me at the kitchen table. And I thought about this, and I said that I want to create a platform to reach out to people because of the sheer enjoyment that I get for making things. I want to document the reality of my life and creativity. To inspire people because we all get lost in the wave. I wanted to celebrate my home city ,# London. The culture that it thrives on and the people in the city that I get so much from. But more than anything I wanted to take an art form that is normally seen as twee and old fashioned and celebrate it because it is who I am.

I have had so many conversations with my friends and family but of all the conversations this is the one that did not get away.

#Creativity is sometimes all we have”. And sometimes we are doing creative things for so long that we cannot turn back and start again. You cannot be scared you have to take the plunge and if you get a bloody nose you will not be bleeding forever! There will be obstacles along the way, that is the point where you continue. It is about navigating those obstacles”.

For too long I have searched for the right creative direction to take. I can now see that I should not be searching for the right creative direction- be it painting, knitting, making clothes-hell! I am no writer, but blogging... I should be exploring all of them and finding the story within each. #LatchSpoke is about the relationship/partnership between the instruments I use and the service and things I have dreamed of offering. The amalgamation of the names Latch&Spoke is about Not adding boundaries to the process but instead exploring what can come at the end.

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