I have been a knitter for over 20 years. But a crocheter for 10. You would be correct to think that the two specialisms go hand in hand, i.e. if you know how to knit and read patterns then you know how to crochet, right!? No; not really. I will tell you how I sum it up. as an English speaker working with the French if you mastered Latin it didn’t mean you knew how to speak French, Spanish or Italian. But the foundation was there to grasp those languages. That was my similar belief to knitting and crochet, I could knit and the foundation was there to be able to crochet but the language was slightly different.

Crochet eluded me for years. I grew up surrounded by doillies made by my aunties, great aunties and mother. The intricate designs baffled me. Even as a child I felt as though there must have been a secret group of women in the family and beyond that met and created late at night in a candle lit surrounding.

In my family home and all the homes of relatives I visited, crochet was the thing that decorated the home as a frilly place setting or chair coverings as opposed to the thing you wore. And the thing that was so fascinating was there was never a pattern on hand. It was just passed down through the generations. That tradition stopped at me. My mum whose passion was nursing and medicine - she dedicated her life here in the UK to raising her family and nursing - didn’t have the time for passing down tradition. A sad truth but the truth nonetheless.

With much in my life, I live in compartments. It helps me think and organise. And pretty much the way I design is compartmentalised as well. Granny squares, rectangles and motifs are my vice with the crochet hook. The crochet hook is small and inoffensive on a commute, and you can take it anywhere. Ok! I am going to ask a question. Who can admit to crocheting while soaking in bath? Come-on-now! Fess up! Making squares works for me and my lifestyle. Because I work small – and I don’t run the risk of giving up on a project because it is too big or I cannot make the time to finish it. And oh my! I often fall prey to the “unfinished” demon!

I think a lot of us start out as freeform crocheters. I know I did because I hadn’t a clue what I was doing, and as you start and you move along some amazing shapes begin to take form.

Sometimes the not knowing is when the best work is created. So just start. And if you have images let me know I will try to post them on my blog.

What was your introduction to Crochet? Drop me a comment and let me know.

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